Professional mechanic working on the engine of the car in the garage. Car repair service. The concept of checking the readiness of the car before leaving.

Auto Repairs in East London

Should you attend to your car’s “CHECK ENGINE” light right away? Consider those odd noises, such as the screeching you hear while applying the brakes. Does that persistent swaying or vibration indicate that your vehicle requires repairs?

You are a relative beginner to the world of car maintenance, therefore you have a lot of questions. It seems quite sense to be apprehensive or even concerned. But, not every weird occurrence in your car necessitates the services of a qualified technician. Most frequently, the symptoms already indicate that professional vehicle repair is required. And speedy service at a reliable auto repairs in East London can significantly help to improve safety. Driving may either be safe and pleasurable or it can result in expensive repairs.

Hence, keep an eye out for these five indicators to help you decide whether to take it in for quick repairs:


Would you keep someone waiting if they knocked on your door? You wouldn’t, right? When you hear such sounds emanating from your car, you should do the same action. Mostly usually, a banging noise indicates that a vehicle repair is necessary right away. There isn’t much time left until the issue that is causing it gets worse. In fact, you could hear that knocking right before your engine shuts off.

Therefore shut off your engine as soon as you hear this. Then get in touch with a mechanic as soon as you can. By doing this, you’ll avoid putting the automobile under unnecessary strain that can cause it to eventually break down.


The check engine light might appear in one of two ways. Either it continues to be lighted consistently or it blinks or flashes continuously. Both indicate that you should service your vehicle.

What sets the two apart is precisely when. It’s recommended to have an auto repair expert to check at this light on your dash as soon as it blinks or flashes. This alerts you to a situation that requires quick action.

This usually indicates that the engine has misfired significantly. Unburned gasoline entering the exhaust system is one instance. When this occurs, the catalytic converter suffers significant harm, necessitating costly repairs.

Be aware that this is only one of many scenarios in which you could see a flashing check engine light. In any event, this is one of the instances where you want to call a mechanic right away.

On the other hand, a continuous light doesn’t demand quick attention. But, you want to schedule an inspection and servicing for your car soon. Keeping that light on longer than necessary might already have an impact on the exhaust system and performance of your vehicle.

  • Smoking is never a good idea:

Whether smoke is coming from the front or back of your automobile, you should never ignore it. Never let yourself get into a position where your automobile starts to burn.

An overheated engine is frequently indicated by smoke coming from underneath the hood. Your coolant gauge perhaps ran out, causing this. It’s also conceivable that you ignored the white smoke coming from your exhaust, which caused your engine to overheat.

However the situation may be, a smoldering automobile requires the urgent care of a mechanic. If you keep driving, you might already be seriously damaging the engine.