Carpets In North London

Living in North London could be hustle to find out the best home interior material in affordable prices. Specifically when you are going to find perfect match of carpet selection for the staircase that can be a little trickier than carpet selection for other parts of the house. This is due to the fact that choosing a carpet’s style, color, and suitable thickness and durability is necessary before it can be laid on a stairway. Of course, it must also look excellent as it passes between any railing posts and wraps around the stairway’s edge.

Let’s examine the key elements that make a carpet ideal for stairs.


Many individuals believe that a thicker carpet is more resilient. Contrary to popular belief, some of the thickest and most resilient carpets actually contain a lot of air, while others have the thinnest profiles.

The appropriateness of the carpet for the stairs is significantly influenced by thickness. Since there is nothing substantial to support your foot underneath a carpet that is overly thick and wraps around the nosing (front edge) of the step, it works as a ramp for your foot. Nobody wants to fall down a flight of stairs, which is why an extremely thick carpet can cause. Additionally, working with thick carpets on the stairs is unpleasant for carpet installers. As you may expect, it is more challenging to weave a thick carpet around the railing pickets and around the nosing.


The area of any house with the most traffic is the stairs. The carpet that covers them must be strong enough to withstand the heavy traffic while maintaining its aesthetic quality. The carpet that is good for your bedrooms may not be suitable for your stairs, so keep that in mind if you plan to find or buy carpets in North London for your bedrooms, hallway, and stairs.

When selecting carpet for stairs, you should normally choose the type and level of durability that best suits your needs (unless the highest grade is too thick for stairs; more on that in a moment). The greatest option for durability is frequently to spend a little more money on a higher grade of carpet. A carpet’s longevity depends on a number of significant aspects.


Stain resistance is not a high issue if you are picking a carpet to solely cover your staircase (and not adjacent places like the family room), as the carpet is unlikely to be exposed to many spills. You should still search for a carpet with strong soil resistance.

As you walk up and down the stairs, the oils on the bottoms of your feet may leave a stain on the carpet. By putting on socks or slippers inside the house, you can prevent this. Get a carpet that is soil-resistant if you have dogs or like to walk barefoot, nevertheless, to prevent residue from adhering to the fibers and luring dirt particles.

The ideal carpet for stairs is one that satisfies each of the criteria listed above: durability, the right thickness, soil resistance, and the most essential warranty protection.