Kitchen design & installation in London

Kitchens have evolved over the years to take on multi-purpose roles in our lives. Now kitchens are not only a space for cooking but also a space to socialise with friends and to relax with our families, etc. Therefore, creating a kitchen for a range of uses that appears beautiful enough to impress you and your guests requires expertise. Also, the way you intend your kitchen to use and look is unique to you. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-for-all solution to achieve the most from your kitchen design. If you get in touch with design experts, they will consider your needs to maximise the kitchen’s usability. The huge variety of accessories and furniture on market may overwhelm you, but experts can help you make the right choice.


It is of utmost importance to plan your layout to achieve a functional kitchen. The right kitchen design will help ensure suitable storage, organization, cleanliness, workflow, relaxation, and overall ambience of your space. The way your kitchen should look and work depends on factors like whether you want to accommodate a big family; whether you have children at home; whether you want an area where family members can cook together; whether you want a space to socialise.


What are the key features of a kitchen design?


Working triangle:

The working triangle is what makes up the kitchen. It consists of a sink, refrigerator, and hob. The appropriate placement of these three things provides the most convenient and efficient solution. However, you do not have to limit your creativity by not including different features and appliances. All you need to do is reach out to experts who would help you choose without compromising on the functionality and usability of the bathroom.



Kitchen zoning is also a great option to enhance the flow and usability of your kitchen. The concept of zoning is all about specifying and creating areas maximised for certain tasks. These tasks include anything you want to do in your kitchen, such as washing up, prepping food, etc. Zoning includes positioning the appliances, storage, and worksurfaces to make the most of the kitchen by maximizing accessibility and workflow.


What are the types of kitchen layouts?

Often a kitchen will lend itself to a specific layout, depending on the proportions and architectural features of the space. Therefore, we usually see classic kitchen layouts reoccurring; however, other archetypal layouts can be helpful too. But first, you should have an understanding of some of these layout options.

The Galley Kitchen

One of the most popular kitchen layouts is the galley kitchen. It is especially used for narrow spaces and compact kitchens. However, a galley kitchen can also be created in a large kitchen space with an extended kitchen island. It helps in achieving an effortless working triangle with the help of cabinetry on two parallel walls. Galley kitchens are very easy to divide into multi-working areas. Moreover, these provide ample storage space. Above all, it is a contemporary layout which makes the kitchen stand out!

U-shaped kitchens:

A U-shaped kitchen layout is perfect for medium or even small-sized kitchens. This layout is equally proportioned and provides a lot of storage. In addition, ample worktop space and an efficient working triangle are other features of this layout.

L-shaped kitchen:

The most flexible kitchen layout is an L-shaped kitchen layout.  It is suitable for a variety of rooms including small or large kitchen diners. Moreover, this layout makes the kitchen look more spacious. However, it can get a little tricky to create a working triangle with an L-shaped layout. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to kitchen design experts who can make the most of any layout.

Kitchen island:

The kitchen island is an amazing way to enhance the kitchen’s layout. In fact, it can be integrated into various classic schemes. The kitchen island provides a focal point to the space and offers a perfect dining space with the addition of seating. In addition, the kitchen island provides additional storage and worktop space, making it a functional and aesthetic feature too.

All these different kitchen designs have their own pros and cons. Kitchen design experts have extensive experience with both domestic and commercial projects. So, they know exactly what solution will work best for you.

Kitchen installation:

kitchen installation service helps you get your dream kitchen up, as functional and stylish as possible. It is definitely possible to get your dream kitchen running as fast as possible where you can make your favourite recipes and new memories. Once you hand over your project to experts, they save you valuable time while they finish your kitchen for you.

Our installation services include:

  • Assemble and fit cabinets
  • Fit and secure cover panels, deco strips, and filler pieces
  • Cut and fit worktops
  • Manage lighting and plugs
  • Install appliances
  • Install sinks, taps, and plumbing
  • Install storage options

Many reputable kitchen designers provide a workmanship guarantee, so you can feel peace of mind that the installation will meet the highest industry standards. Also, they will keep you in the loop while planning for your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen!