Mercedes Benz specialists in Barnet

Although some car problems are easy to resolve yourself, most of the car faults are too complex or require specialised tools. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to car specialists for car services. If you try to do that on your own, it can be quite difficult, time-consuming and even dangerous. If you are looking for Mercedes Benz specialists in Barnet, here is all you need to know.


A premium car, like Mercedes Benz, deserves premium service. Therefore, take your Mercedes to specialists rather than a random garage. A specialist garage is fully equipped with the latest technology, tools, and expertise to resolve car problems efficiently. Your car deserves all the attention and care. No matter how expensive or premium the car is, regular servicing and checkups are the primary requirements to maintain its value.


What are the warning signs that you might need to take your car to a garage?


Steering and suspension problems

A malfunctioning suspension or steering is potentially very dangerous for you and those driving around you. Your car won’t perform as it should during an emergency. As a result, you might experience an accident or a breakdown. Some of the common symptoms of steering and suspension malfunction are increased difficulty when steering, difficulty controlling the vehicle, loose or vibrating steering wheel, steering wheel pulling to the left or right, car drifting to one side while accelerating or braking,  and uneven or premature wear and tear on the tyres.

Engine warning light:

Modern cars have embedded systems and hi-tech features that enable efficient car performance. The sensors in the car measure and monitor various systems in your car. If these sensors sense anything problematic that doesn’t fit within pre-set parameters, the engine warning light will appear on the car’s dashboard, indicating a serious problem. In such a case, there is no need to worry; all you need to do is take your car to the garage for a diagnostic test to discover what the issue is. In addition, the car’s service light might turn on to remind you of the due service schedule. You should never skip your service schedule if you want your car to run at its optimal level. Moreover, regular servicing and diagnostics ensure that all the car parts are in perfect condition.

Smoke coming from under the bonnet:

Smoke from a car can be of different colours. I the smoke or steam is white in colour, it is an indication of overheating only. The car’s temperature gauge can confirm if the car is overheated. In case the car is overheated, stop driving and wait for the car to cool down. Most of the time, overheating is not critical; however, we recommend you schedule an appointment with a car specialist. If you notice blue smoke, it is an indication of a serious problem due to burning oil. So, stop the car immediately and arrange to be towed to the garage.


A car is dependent on the fluids that are put into the car. These fluids include fuel, oil, coolant, etc. Given the significance of fluids, get your car checked if you notice a leak anywhere in your car. If you manage to tackle this problem as early as possible, you will be able to prevent expensive repairs, low fuel economy, and pollution from leakages. It is quite easy to notice a leakage; look for stains on the floor after moving your car from where it has been parked. Bright green stains are most probably from coolant and dark or red/brown from brake fluid. You might also notice dripping water near the passenger seat, especially in summer due to the air conditioning system.


Unusual noise from the car’s systems is an indication of an underlying problem, such as:

  • Grinding noise coming from under the vehicle could be a suspension problem.
  • Squealing or grinding sounds from the braking system is a sign of malfunctioning brake pads, rotors and callipers
  • Dragging noise from the wheels calls for attention towards the wheel bearings
  • Loud exhaust is a result of a fault in the exhaust system of the car. In most cases, it is due to a hole in the exhaust pipe.
  • Uneven engine noise is usually caused by engine misfiring

If you hear any such sounds, you should rush to a reliable garage for a thorough checkup of your vehicle.


Vibrations, while you drive, can get really disturbing and impact the quality of your drive. In that case, you should get your tyres checked for renewal or alignment. In addition, vibrations while applying brakes indicate a problem with brakes, suspension or steering. The problems with brakes, suspension or steering can turn out to be extremely dangerous, especially at higher speeds. Moreover, you might experience reduced driving comfort, low riding, low fuel economy, tyres rubbing on the wheel arch, and difficulty driving over speed bumps.

Mercedes Benz specialists will thoroughly check your car for faults, using the latest diagnostic equipment. The diagnosis will be followed by a rectification procedure, such as repairs or replacements. If you were able to identify problems at an initial stage, you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs or replacements. Therefore, adopt a proactive strategy and follow a regular servicing and diagnostic routine to rule out any major problems in the near future.