It is recommended to finish the MOT before scheduling a service for your car. This is so that you may save time and money by having the MOT completed first. Some of the defects that are reported during a service will also be flagged during a MOT.

This does not imply that you should never use the service. Even if a car passes its MOT, a service can identify additional problems early, allowing you to remedy them before they become much more expensive issues in the future. Moreover, a service that is not included in a MOT must include all of the basics, including changing the oil, topping up fluids, and checking the brakes.

Unsurprisingly, we have found that young drivers, are putting their safety at risk by forgetting to bring their cars in for yearly repairs. This is due to the fact that either they lack the means to pay for the service or are unfamiliar with the idea altogether.

In a recent study by the rapid fit network on auto maintenance practices, 34% of 500 drivers were found to have decided against paying for a repair and instead relied on their vehicles passing MOTs as a way to save money.

Another intriguing fact is that 57% of drivers between the ages of 17 and 30 who decided against a service were themselves drivers, indicating that the tendency is widespread among younger drivers. Younger generations are accustomed to products with built-in obsolescence. They use something till it breaks, toss it out, and then get a fresh, better one.

Why It is Important to pass MOT test?

The MOT in Essex certificates a tests to the fact that your car at the time of the inspection complied with the minimal legal requirements for road and environmental safety. It does not imply that the car is safe to drive for the duration of the certificate and is not a replacement for routine maintenance.

Many drivers have relied on the MOT to determine how well their car is performing. A test certification solely refers to the state of the components that were tested at the time. It does not guarantee that the car will continue to be safe to drive for the duration of the certificate.

The MOT and Road Traffic Act cover separate parts, therefore you can pass a MOT and be charged with a road traffic offence as soon as you leave the test station.

Do I Need to Pass a MOT Test before servicing my car?

Another reason to suggest that your service be completed after the MOT is that your car may pass its MOT without having been serviced. Nevertheless, if you decide not to service your car at all, you won’t eventually find out about tiny problems before they become large problems that might be very expensive to solve.

Younger drivers, in the opinion of HiQ’s rapid fit manager Stuart Carr, aren’t considering the long-term financial consequences. Don’t think younger drivers always understand the risks of breaking down and the fees involved.