MOT in Hemel Hempstead

Car owners could find a service to be a costly process, particularly if the mechanic performing the routine maintenance inspection discovers many problems with your car. However, a recent study has found that drivers can avoid these significant costs by scheduling their MOT test before their servicing.

According to Start-up in auto repair, many issues should be found during the necessary inspections that are a part of the MOT test, saving owners from having to pay for high labour costs for a service.

Eighty percent of the defects discovered during a service would also be noted in the MOT test, according to a database analysis of 20,000 vehicles.

It indicates that mechanics performing service work are needlessly duplicating tasks that could have been completed during a MOT test, a decision that is costing driver’s money.

Many auto-maintenance companies stated that a MOT test typically takes an hour, so any following services could potentially save an hour of labour.

Furthermore, nearly 39 million cars, both commercial and passenger, transport people and products on Hemel Hempstead highways. They support the economy and will aid in our recovery from the pandemic. A significant portion of our industry’s work is keeping those cars in operating condition. Thus, the MOT industry is important. It’s also a hugely significant source of revenue for many firms.

However, there is mounting pressure in the MOT industry that demands attention. Quickly as well. The government’s extension of the MOT in 2020 has significantly increased the workload at test centers. The DVSA statistics support that. When the extension expired in August of last year, an additional 310,000 tests were performed as drivers rushed into shops to avoid becoming stuck.

What a Vehicle needs in an MOT?

A MOT service keeps your car in a dependable, secure, and fully functional state and is based on DVSA rules established according to your vehicle manufacturering requirements. Both a MOT test and a service include inspections of the vehicle’s brakes, seatbelts, and tyres, making them quite comparable in certain ways.

A MOT test service is more thorough because it looks at the overall condition of your car as well as its “safety-critical” components. To keep your car running smoothly, it also entails replacing some components, such the engine oil. To further enhance vehicle performance, a full service can include replacement spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters (as needed).

Why should you have an MOT test Service?

If your car is 3 or more years old, it is a legal requirement to have an in-date MOT certificate. Driving a car without a MOT in Hemel Hempstead is not only against the law, but it will also void your insurance.

The decision to have your car serviced is yours, but here are four reasons why we believe routine maintenance is important:

Vehicle lifespan:

 Your car will certainly survive longer if you take better care of it. If you want to maintain your car for a long time and have years of trouble-free driving, regular maintenance is essential.

Safety Assurance:

 Over time, wear and tear accumulate, so just because your car seems OK doesn’t mean everything is well. Regular maintenance can reveal hidden problems and give piece of mind that the car is secure and safe to drive.

Increased resale value:

 When it comes time to sell your cherished car, having a service history or, even better, proof of regular maintenance is likely to draw in more buyers who will be willing to pay more for such a well-kept vehicle.

Money Saving:

 While the initial cost of a service may be deterring, skipping out on it could prove to be considerably more expensive in the long run. Regular maintenance can help find problems before they become expensive and difficult to fix. Additionally, having fresh oil and filters changed as part of your service can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.