MOT service center in St Albans

If you’re not a super-organized person with reminders set up on your phone or written down on the calendar, it’s easy for these important days to slip your mind. Unfortunately, if you are discovered by the authorities driving without a MOT test, carelessness won’t save you from paying a fee. The law is simple: three years after registration, every car must have its first MOT test, and then every year after that. Different regulations apply to vehicles that are used as taxis or hire cars.

Identifying the MOT due date?

To verify the date of your next MOT test or the first test if your car is due, there is no need to look for papers. Nowadays, checking your MOT information online is quick and simple. The car’s registration number is all that is required. The first screen you view after entering the vehicle’s details on the website verifies the make and model of the car. You can check if your car is taxed and when your tax and MOT expire underneath that.

Some garages will retain your information on file if you’ve already had a MOT and contact you again to promote their services.

Passing a Mot Test is Essential:

Every MOT center performs the same degree of testing, and mechanics must undergo intensive training before delivering tests. It indicates that the outcomes should be the same. The MOT Service in St. Albans you choose must be reliable guaranteed.   There are various things you can help you to increase your chances of passing and having your vehicle ready for inspection.

Routine maintenance must be carried out in line with the manufacturer guidelines. A thorough check of the vehicle is also included in the service, which may assist a technician in detecting issues before they become worst.

You can also do regular maintenance. Simple maintenance tasks include walking around the car and confirming that all of the lights work, checking the minimum tread depth on the tyres, and ensuring that the oil and windshield washer levels are sufficient. If you wish to conduct more thorough inspections, the test standards used by the inspectors are publicly available online.

Is Your Mot Passing Or Failing?

There are two basic outcomes from a MOT inspection. The best result is a pass, which means your car satisfies all legal standards and is safe to drive. If your car passes, the information on the DVSA website will be updated, and you will just pay the fee and drive home.

A failure certificate will be given if your vehicle fails the inspection. This plainly implies that your car falls short of the minimal standards and requires extra maintenance.

It is totally up to you what happens next. If your failure is designated as “major,” you can pay the MOT fee and remove your car for servicing somewhere before returning it.