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MOT Service Centre Hemel Hempstead

An MOT is a vehicle’s safety insurance and maintains a minimal level of road worthiness for your vehicle. An MOT is a government (DVSA) authorized test to ensure your car’s worthiness to safely drive on the road. It was first implemented in 1960 and now it is an essential part of maintaining a car. Many people are used to getting their MOT test as per their due date, but some are used to rushing to mechanics to have their cars MOT after their due dates.

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a maintenance inspection known as an MOT, which is performed by an authorized garage or auto service center. Every vehicle that is three years old has to get an MOT test on its scheduled date. MOT is allowed to be performed by skilled & certified technicians, who can give deep attention to the car’s lights, brakes, and windshield wipers. They’ll also do an emissions test to make sure the car complies with regulations.

When and how do I know about the MOT Due Date?

Your car requires an MOT test after three years of age. After that, you need to repeat an MOT test every year at the same time.

When you buy a second-hand car, make sure the MOT is valid and it also fulfils all the required criteria for the next scheduled date. Make sure that it receives an MOT test once a year.

A government-authorized website can easily provide all the required data related to your MOT. By using the registration number of your vehicle, you can easily find the due date for an MOT test. Additionally, it will also notify you about the expiration of your vehicle tax. You can avail an SMS, call or email notification facility to get a reminder for MOT.

If you live in Watford, you should have gotten a message reminder a month ago to get ready for your vehicle’s MOT. An MOT Service Centre Hemel Hempstead can be easily done by a government-authorized auto services center or a reliable car garage. Highly qualified experts and certified technicians can only perform this test. While if you take your vehicle up to 28 days before its expiry date, you can still have a chance to get a certified MOT test near you.

The government has made five modifications to MOT recently. Although the guidance could be taken from their official website, which has 100% authenticity to provide a valid update to consumers.

  • Defects or changes are now modified as:


Dangerous: posing an urgent threat to traffic safety or having a negative environmental impact. A test will fail if a vehicle has a dangerous defect. The car’s roadworthiness is still at risk if the problem is not properly fixed on time during the MOT.

Minor: has no appreciable impact on the environment or the vehicle’s safety. Minor flaws should be overlooked, but fixes should be made as soon as feasible.

Main Issues: This could compromise the safety of the public, harm others, or seriously damage the environment. Your car will fail if it has a serious issue, and it must be fixed quickly.