Peugeot specialists in London

Peugeot’s reputation has been for making luxurious and well-built cars with amazing comfort and handling. There are many reasons to buy Peugeot and style is at the top of the list. In fact, there is not even a single model in the Peugeot range that would disappoint you when it comes to style. In addition, Peugeot is one of the most reliable car models. Despite the stylish build and sophistication, Peugeot manages to be a reliable car. It is due to its high-tech features and balance between value for money and standard equipment. Once you buy a Peugeot or any other car, know that the car can not go a long way without proper maintenance. And in order to maintain its condition, you need to seek professional assistance. If you are looking for Peugeot specialists in London, here is all you need to know!


No matter what car or model you drive, regular servicing is the key to a long-lasting car. In addition to servicing, diagnostics, repairs, and replacements are some other important car services. It is recommended to go to a specialist garage for all these car services. A specialist garage is fully equipped, and specialist technicians have the right tools and expertise to identify and rectify faults.


What are the common Peugeot problems?


Although the Peugeot brand is reliable, there are some common problems observed over time. First, turbo failure in the HDI engine of the Peugeot is a common problem that occurs without proper servicing. This is not a minor issue and is expensive to repair. Moreover, the engine might run quite hot, turning the oil thick. This, in turn, leads to issues like oil pumps breaking or even engine failure. This issue can be prevented by changing the oil regularly. Another problem related to the engine is leaking diesel injectors when the copper seals in the injectors fail, leading to fluid leakages and firing issues.


Secondly, malfunctioning of the front lower ball joint, which is a part of the suspension, can wear out over time. As a result, you might experience signs like clunking noise or the car pulling to one side.  Thirdly, you might also have to face electrical issues, such as power steering malfunction or ECU failure.  Moreover, handbrake failure is another common issue, especially in used cars.


Peugeot specialists


Peugeot specialists have extensive experience with different models of Peugeot. So, they know exactly how to rectify certain problems in the best way possible. Moreover, specialists provide dealership-level service and use the latest diagnostic equipment, such as the Diagbox tool for Peugeot.


What services can you expect at a specialist garage?


Car servicing: Specialist garages provide various service packages according to the factors like driving habits, mileage covered, etc. An interim car service is an entry-level or basic package suitable for high-mileage drivers, especially those who cover 20,000 miles or more a year. An interim service typically includes an oil change, an oil filter change and an inspection of the main components of the car, such as tyres, lights, and windscreen wipers. A full service is an Intermediate level service that is usually recommended every year or 12,000 miles. A full service is ideal for drivers with lower annual mileage. It includes some additional checks and adjustments as compared to interim service, including a filter change, shock absorbers inspection, electrical components test, and air conditioning system inspection. A major service is recommended every 2 years or 24,000 miles. Hence, it is the most comprehensive package that includes everything from a full service. The major service package especially focuses on the condition of the braking system.


Vehicles are now more computerized than ever before. As a result, faults can be identified with the help of self-running diagnostic tests to keep the vehicle in optimal working order. The diagnostic software scans the components and integrated systems of the car for faults or malfunctions before they become truly dangerous. The diagnostic test analyzes a car’s engine, transmission, brake responsiveness,  exhaust system, fuel injector, throttle, etc. However, the diagnostic test can not tell the tester precisely about the problem and its source in many cases. The diagnostic test narrows down the location of a fault or potential error,  enabling the mechanics to quickly identify and rectify the problem.

Repairs & replacements:


Timely car repairs have many benefits for the vehicle and the driver. First, the vehicle remains in perfect condition, preventing unwanted problems. When a part malfunctions, a car is always at risk of breakdown. Therefore, car repairs at the right time keep the driver and the vehicle safe on the road. It can get really problematic when you are far away from the city and can not manage to get timely help. Secondly, repairs help improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs. If the problem worsens to an extent that it can not be repaired, that part or component is replaced.


If you want to restore or maintain the performance of your premium car, all you need to do is reach out to reliable service providers. Your car is your valuable asset, so always trust a reputable garage with your car. Do not forget to ask questions and clarify confusion before the process starts.